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It certainly has been a scorcher here for the last couple of weeks, and it doesn't look set to end any time soon. Although good for hay harvest, vegetable crops are starting to suffer, even in my own little patch, watering at least twice a day has to be done to provide the growing fruits and veggies with enough liquid to swell and grow! Gardens like mine and my Father's feed us all throughout the year, so it is a vital job.

It does feel like a proper summer, in years recently the seasons seem to have altered, or been missed out altogether so it is comforting to know the wheel of the year is turning as it should - I must admit though (not to complain) but being a spring/autumn person it is a little bit much, thank goodness I work from home so can retreat to the shade whenever I need to, I do think of farmers, builders, scaffolders and such similar jobs, it must be no joke in heat like this!

Enjoy folks.

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