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Hello October!

I, along with many MANY other people (not just of the pagan persuasion) love autumn. Everything is so pretty in nature, trees are showing off their jewels and things are dying down ready for their winter rest. I am heading out into the garden this week to tidy up, put pots away and get rid of dead plants that have provided us with veg all summer, it is also time for making chutney out of the abundance of green tomatoes we have left over. There is something about standing over a big pot, stirring with a wooden spoon and filling jars with goodies that will last us over winter.

The shop is also loaded with great stuff, the Pagan Nature Doodle Book is out now, I will be replenishing the scarves and shawls section with crochet things (found a fab rainbow yarn at the weekend) and there are lots of cards available. Happy times!

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