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November is here.

Hi all, I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween / Samhain, here I made a LOT of pumpkin and winter veg soup, the rest of the pumpkin flesh is waiting in the freezer for the next batch so we should have a ready supply of warming hearty goodness to see us through the winter!

Looking out of the window today it is dull...very dull, and yesterday in fact it didn't really get light, I had to turn the lamp on at ten past four, November is definitely here. When the clocks changed I switched into winter-mode (which I love but my other-half does not). The shorter days and cooler temperatures mean more time indoors, cooking, working of course and cosying up with the TV - bliss! He unfortunately has to got to work in the dark, and come home in the dark which doesn't do much for his mood for the next few months. I shall do my best to alleviate this...

Anyway, happy November, may it bring warmth, good food and big jumpers!

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