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Traumatic Tuesday (not actually that bad...)

Hi all. I have just returned from the dentists where I had an appointment with the hygienist...something that I hate...hate, hate, hate! I managed to wind myself up overnight to the point of feeling ill, but battled through and off I went. It was a hygienist I hadn't seen before...his name is Damien (I know) but in fact he was great, just did his job with the minimum amount of lecturing, phew! I now have relatively stain-free teeth and am afraid to eat or drink anything in case they turn immediately brown haha.

So now, having spent a bit of recovery time in the garden, it is such a beautiful day, I am at the computer. New designs uploaded to the Redbubble shop, listings renewed on Etsy and now to dazzle with Zazzle - its all go!

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